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Windows and Cygwin tweaks

Just a list of tweaks for Windows XP and the usage with the Cygwin linux distribution.


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Cygwin related stuff (top)

Cygwin offers an (almost) complete linux distribution for the usage inside a Windows host system. Almost all common packages are available including an X11-server.

Change the Windows CMD.EXE shell into a real BASH SHELL (top)

To do this, you have got to install the Cygwin system including the 'bash shell'.

Afterwards you can introduce the following changes in order to change the 'normal' Windows DOS-box into a fully functional bash shell.

If you would like to run the bash shell with your own '.bashrc' do the following:

To make the shell change global for all users:

Bash shell via context menu (Win2k,WinXP) (top)

X11 with Windows (top)

To add X11 to your Windows system do the following

Setup X11-server

After reboot or doubleclick on this link the X11-server will be started and online.

Set 'DISPLAY' for X11 applications

Now you 've got add the environment variable 'DISPLAY' to ''.
There are 2 possibilities:

Afterwards, the X11-server should be reachable out of every bash shell.

Windows related stuff (top)

Open shell via right-click context menu (top)

Just download and install the CmdHere-PowerToy (available from www.microsoft.com/windowsxp/pro/downloads/powertoys.asp)

Make CMD.EXE shell interactive (top)

Now you can do copy and paste like that:

Created by Martin Raden, nee Mann, last updated in May, 2017.